Please check your email after place an order!!!

About Payment

Why the checkout page, there is no credit card or PayPal option?

Because most of the payment gateways denied the replica business, once they find we sell replica products,

they usually banned our account. So we decide to choose to do the payment on another website which belongs to our company.

It's totally safe since they all belong to us.

What payments do we support?

Currently, we support PayPal, Alipay, Visa, Master, American Express

How do I pay?

As you know, Most of the payment gateways support replica products, so we do payment at another website which belongs to the same company

.After you click 'Confirm Order '  button and place an order at checkout page on, you will redirect to the success page.

This success page will show you the payment website where you should pay. At the same time, you will receive an email,

in this email,  you will also find the payment website you should pay.

You should select the same amount on the payment website.

Your order won't ship until we received the payment.

If I buy a 340$ Gucci bag, How can I do it?

Ok, For example, you buy a 340$ Gucci bag, then you click the link on the success page or in the email.

Select the same amount of the product price, It usually contains multiple products.

The amount in the payment website should equal or larger to the Gucci bag price you bought in the

How do you know the bag I want while I place an order on another website?

When you place an order on, we can see the unique product code and customer information.

And when you place an order on the payment website, we also will see the customer information.

Yes, we according to the product code and customer information to make sure it belongs to someone.

We have done it for a long time, you don't need to worry about the payment.