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Best website to buy counterfeit bags

Posted by amy 26/09/2019 0 Comment(s)

Counterfeit bags are divided into several grades. From the lowest to the highest, they are commonly known as C grade, B grade, A grade, super A, and one to one. With the development of this industry, we can not distinguish the authentic one and the counterfeit bag easily.

Grade C/B: they are at the bottom of the imitation, which just are a little similar in appearance and size. Generally, it's made of PU leather. Hardware is also very low. Many housewives, students, and other groups use more.

Grade A: the appearance and size will be relatively good compared with b/c grade goods, but there is a lot of wrong design. Generally, it uses authentic leather-like material. Most of them are two layers of leather. The hardware is normal, and the workmanship is also normal. It's suitable for general office workers. The price is usually less than 300 dollars
super A grade:this kind of goods are pretty good.
General people can not distinguish fake and authentic products. It's the same in appearance and size as the original product. Although there are differences in the use of materials, it's made of better material. The hardware is also better as well as the workmanship. They are most loved by white-collar workers. Prices usually range from 2oo$ to 500$.

1:1: they are the best counterfeit bags in the market, which could be regarded as authentic goods. Even some professional persons can’t distinguish them easily. Besides, their quality and workmanship are extremely fabulous.  

High-quality counterfeits have their aura. But some people tend to wear colored glasses to see it. Actually, people who really appreciate luxury goods know that the performance-to-price ratio of some high-quality counterfeit bags is extremely high. The highest version of crocodile bags can be customized, but the production is very poor. Because only a few people in the world can master the making process of perfect crocodile skin. For example, the Hermes bag of crocodile leather's details and hardware requirements are quite fastidious, so the construction period is also longer. This kind of fine workmanship can ensure that unprofessional people can’t distinguish the fake and authentic bags easily.

If you ask me: is there a really good counterfeit bag? The answer must be yes. As for a good high-quality counterfeit bag, its material is significant. The metal chain on the bag may have been found in Japan. The straps may have been found for a long time in a European factory. I recommend this website (replicabag.ru) to you. There are many different famous brands bags with high-quality and delicate workmanship. If you want to learn more, you can switch to this website.


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